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The X-Files Season 7 | Agent Fox Mulder

"l’m not gonna risk losing you."

"We have to respect each other enough to let each other want what we want." 

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film meme» nine male characters [3/9]: Devlin

"A man doesn’t tell a woman what to do. She tells herself."

It’s a role that completely inverts that familiar charming persona, turning the lithe, athletic sex appeal into something dangerous and destructive. It’s the role that should have won Grant his Oscar. […] Grant’s masterful performance in this movie is really what gives Notorious its devastating emotional core and is in itself a fairly definitive argument against those who claim that he never actually bothered to act. In the masterful hands of Grant and Hitchcock, we’re given one of the most understatedly complex leading men in cinema; a handsome, capable, intelligent man who is nevertheless terrified of himself and the strength of his own emotions; whose cruel, careless actions and neuroses nearly lead the woman he loves to her death. Notorious gives us the odd situation of a hero who arguably is much more cruel to the heroine than the actual villain. We, as an audience, are already predisposed to like Grant/Devlin, which makes his treatment of Alicia all the more devastating. Had Hitchcock not shown us glimpses into the inner turmoil within Devlin, and if Grant hadn’t so brilliantly been able to play him both as calculatedly cold and heartbreakingly vulnerable at the same time, Devlin would come off as merely sadistic or an antihero impossible to root for. But all of it pays off— the moment of his revelation is one of the most moving, triumphant climaxes in cinema. I have seen this film countless times, and it is absolutely impossible for me not to cry at the moment when he admits his mistakes to Alicia and finally confesses his love to her. “You…love me,” she whispers, and smiles. “Oh, you love me.” [x]

Bryan Cranston gets a guy a date to Prom [X]





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